8th March 2023

Cora calls for a more diverse industry this International Women’s Day

Cora team members have called on more women to consider joining the construction industry to mark International Women’s Day.

The Cora team is continuing to grow, and one thing we pride ourselves on – other than the amazing places we create – is our diversity.

Just 16% of construction sector jobs are occupied by women. At Cora, we are proud to say almost a third of our managers (29%) are women and we strive to do more.

Whether in head office or on our developments, we recognise the incredible impact of the women we have working with us, helping shape our direction and drive us forward as a business.


Andrea Macleod, our COINS Implementation Manager, has worked in the construction industry for 23 years.

She said it is “brilliant” to see so many more women in the industry today.

Andrea added: “When I joined the industry 23 years ago, you only really saw women working in the sales or finance teams. Today, we have female engineers, bricklayers and managers.

“It is brilliant to see more women joining the construction sector and it is great working with so many female colleagues at Cora. Everyone has an input and we all know our opinions matter and are heard.”



Buyer and Assistant Quantity Surveyor Leanne Reynolds said she has “never looked back” since joining the industry and added she “would recommend the construction industry to anyone”.

She said: “It really is a case that no two days are the same, whether you are working on-site or in the office.

“I have always been a practical person who likes to know how things work – and that makes the industry the perfect choice for women like me.

“We are seeing more women join the industry now and at Cora we all work together as one big team.”

We see ourselves as a people-first business and are dedicated to being an ethical employer.

But we know the industry is far from perfect, and more needs to be done to inspire women to join the trade.


Louise Caves, our Partnerships Manager, said: “The industry is changing, but there is still a way to go to create a more diverse workforce. We want to inspire that next generation.

“I am very proud to be a woman in the Land team, we add a different dynamic to the business and the industry as a whole.

“I would love to see more women join the industry. There are so many roles in building sustainable communities that are as challenging and exciting as they are rewarding.”

Andrea added: “I would also love to see more women get into the technology side of the industry – no two days are the same and you get to enjoy the best of all areas, from sales to site work.”


Cora has recently become a member of The Home Builders Federation (HBF) who, alongside Women into Construction, have launched a nationwide employment programme for women to help address the gender imbalance in construction. Visit the HBF website for more information about the scheme.