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4th November 2022

Prime Minister U-turns on attending COP27

The managing director of a housebuilder dedicated to sustainability says he is delighted Rishi Sunak has changed his mind on attending COP27.

Luke Simmons, managing director of Cora, based in Northamptonshire, says it is crucial the UK is represented at the climate change conference as the clock is ticking in combatting the climate crisis.

However, he added it is now up to businesses to take the lead on tackling climate change, and that it may be too late if they wait for Government to catch up.


“I’m delighted the Prime Minister has realised how important it is he attends COP27. It is a symbolic gesture to show the UK takes the climate crisis seriously, and would have set the wrong impression to our industry and the public if he snubbed the event. However, I don’t think we can wait for the Government to legislate on climate change, businesses must push ahead and take the lead. That’s why we have put a line in the sand by developing our new Sustainable Building Framework. We want Cora to be on the frontline in the fight against climate change.”


Cora, formally Barwood Homes, had undergone a recent rebranding as the company is transforming the way it works.

Luke wants Cora to be a trailblazer in the housebuilding industry, putting sustainability, biodiversity and tackling climate change at the heart of everything they do.

The company’s new Sustainable Building Framework will include initiatives such as installing solar panels, electric car charge points and heat recovery systems where possible on new development sites, dramatically reducing its carbon footprint in construction, as well as increasing the amount of biodiversity on its sites.

“As well as our ongoing dedication to excellent design and service to our customers, it’s only right for us as a company to take action in terms of climate change, biodiversity social and community engagement, we’re doing this because it is the right thing to do.”


Among Cora’s current live sites are Eagles Edge, Redhill, in Nottinghamshire, Romney Meadows, in Quainton, Buckinghamshire and the Old Sawmill in Great Bowden in Leicestershire.