Cora Creating Amazing Places New Build Homes Local Area
6th October 2022

A range of mixed-use housing tenure, alongside open space and a woodland in Thornton

Cora successfully promoted the site for a residential development of 49 units, following several historic failed attempts by previous land promoters and developers.

Planning permission was secured via appeal despite planning officers initially recommending planning permission should not be granted.

The approved scheme maintains open views from the high ground and has positioned buildings to provide unobstructed long-distance views to the South.

The site will deliver a range of mixed-use housing tenure, alongside considerable open space and a woodland belt along the site’s southern boundary.

Our approach to master planning is founded first on establishing a unique and attractive place for people to live, taking account of the site’s topography and the sensitivities of the wider landscape.

The result is an exceptional development, reflecting the existing pattern which will benefit both existing and new residents alike.