5th December 2022

What is profit with purpose?

With energy prices soaring and the effects of the climate crisis looming, we think it is time for businesses to step up to the mark.

That’s why at Cora, we are transforming the way we work, reinvesting profits into helping combat the big issues of today while delivering excellent homes and service.

Here, Luke Simmons, Managing Director, explains Cora’s vision for the future and how the bottom line is not the only way to measure a company’s worth.

A new way of working

Our recent rebrand is not just a new name and logo – we are fundamentally changing the way we work.

We want to be at the forefront in providing sustainable housing, giving more people the dream of having a beautiful home, while tackling the emerging climate emergency.

A company’s value and worth is often directly linked to its profits – it’s often the first question you get asked as a managing director.

But here at Cora, we don’t think this is the measure of a company, and that what you do with your profits is just as important as how much profit you make.

We aim to reinvest profits in creating amazing places, biodiverse and in balance with nature, including our work places and people to help contribute to thriving communities for years to come.

Our plan

Cora has developed a new approach, putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Our Sustainable Building Framework puts biodiversity, energy efficiency and community engagement at the forefront of the company’s mindset.

This includes constructing homes using far less energy and with much less waste, using more energy efficient off-site construction methods, and embedding biodiversity into the design and planting this across the communities we create.

We also aim for our future new homes to be fitted with items such as photovoltaic panels, wastewater recovery systems, effective insulation and will encourage communities to continue our mission by giving every customer learning opportunities including wildlife boxes as a gift when they move in.

Furthermore, we have applied for the SME Climate Commitment, pledging to cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.

We have also applied for Living Wage Foundation accreditation, ensuring our staff are paid above the National Living Wage.

Our core goal is to create a dynamic, vibrant, inclusive and collaborative workplace focused on smart financial management, sustainable decision making and creating excellent homes and communities.

In the 36 years I have been in the industry, this is the biggest challenge we have faced and I am massively proud the Cora’s team’s engagement with our exciting new operating principles.

At Cora, we want to play our part in protecting the planet and to inspire other businesses to take up the challenge.

For more on Cora and our new operating principles, visit www.cora.uk/about-us/sustainability/