We are determined to take a leadership position in our industry and we are committed to finding more ways to minimise our impact on the environment, deliver social value and support society, ensuring our actions fulfil our social purpose and increase the long-term viability of our business.

Protect and improve our environment

Build climate-resilient communities

We help communities thrive

We are committed to building climate-resilient communities by delivering much-needed, energy-efficient homes and biodiverse open spaces, by investing in local communities, by helping to develop local skills and by supporting our customers to live more sustainable lives.

Through our high-quality homes and our increasing focus on social outcomes, we seek to make a positive contribution to the health, happiness and well-being of our communities.

Cora New Build Home Development in Nottinghamshire, Buckinghamshire, Great Bowden Construction Team

We work hard to maintain a highly skilled and vibrant workplace

Our people are Cora’s most vital asset. We believe all our employees should enjoy their work, be paid a fair wage, operate in a safe and respectful environment and make a positive contribution to society.

We provide opportunities to hone industry skills, understand how to build low carbon homes, increase knowledge of climate change and our collective role in mitigating and adapting to it. We are committed to increasing the diversity of our workforce, and we actively encourage our employees to give time to supporting our customers, local communities and industry campaigns.

Romney Meadows local area nature and fields

We take urgent action together

As a responsible developer, we recognise the urgency of the climate crisis and our role within it. We seek to reduce our operational impact and create amazing places for our customers and our communities to live healthy and environmentally-conscious lives.

Our objectives are to achieve net zero emissions supported by science-based carbon reduction targets, create more high-quality green spaces and increase biodiversity, and develop a low-carbon, sustainable supply chain.

We believe in good business

It is important we take action within our operations and supply chains to reduce our impact. We are committed to responsible sourcing and look to minimise the environmental impact associated with the production of key materials.

In embracing off-site manufacturing, building productive and mutually-beneficial relationships, working with responsible, like-minded organisations, and supporting our supply partners and stakeholders in the pursuit of our ESG goals, we can positively impact society and the environment.

How we create sustainable value

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Investing in our people

We are determined to drive industry change and to set the standard among housebuilders in our peer group. We know that our employees are key to achieving these ambitions and we recognise that our continued success is through their valued hard work and dedication to our purpose and mission.

We are commited to:
- Developing our talent
- Making changes to increase diversity and inclusion
- Building a thriving culture of responsibility
- Increasing carbon literacy
- Paying the Real Living Wage
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Our sustainable building framework

Cora’s blueprint for identifying and driving our sustainability ambitions, targets, activities and metrics, our framework determines how we can deliver long-term positive value in our business and in society:

- Defined workstreams to drive sustainability strategy
- High-quality, low-carbon, well planned and designed locations
- A focus on social value and well-being

Sustainable operating principles

To grow and prosper against the backdrop of climate change, biodiversity loss and growing inequality, we need to constantly evolve and adapt. Thoughtfully defined by our team leads, our operating principles build on Cora’s many strengths and our deep commitment to reducing our impact on the planet.

These principles serve as guiderails, directing each and every one of our employees and strengthen the communities where we live, work and learn:

- Making the right decisions
- Building trust in our business
- Putting our values into action
- Helping us to deliver high-quality outcomes for our stakeholders

Investing in our community

We want to increase our positive impact on our communities through working with schools, creating local skills and employment, helping our customers to live more sustainably, explaining the carbon reduction initiatives involved in each of the houses we build and measuring our social impact.

We create social value through
- Preventing biodiversity loss
- Increasing climate resilience
- Helping local communities recover from the pandemic
- Creating local jobs & procurement
- Building partnerships
- Maintaining a strong supply chain
- Giving back through sponsorships and donations
- Supporting industry collaborations

Reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our social impact

We are committed to achieving net zero by 2050 and voluntarily reporting our annual carbon emissions.

We are also growing our positive impact for our communities with a particular focus on promoting local skills and employment and building climate resilience.

We are developing a new stewardship approach in order to build more climate-resilience into communities across our developments.

- Science-based methodology
- Carbon emissions reporting
- Setting a pathway to net zero
- Reducing our waste
- Nature stewardship
- Biodiversity net gain

Investment in land and our developments

We invest in high-quality land and are committed to new building techniques that help reduce our impact on the planet and enable our customers to live in excellent homes designed for energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. We take great pride in our long-standing relationships with housing associations, local authorities and private landowners, ensuring we deliver good value and sustainable consent.

- Increasing delivery of affordable homes
- Focused land strategy
- Modern methods of construction

Policy, governance and climate risk management

We want to provide our stakeholders with the confidence that we are turning our commitments and targets into action and that we are delivering on our ambition to become a sustainability leader in our industry.

We apply rigour to our governance and business policies to strengthen our ESG responsibilities, including how we monitor climate risk and climate-related opportunities.

- Sustainability committee with Board oversight
- Climate risk management
- Regulation
- Human rights
- Data accuracy and completeness

Smart financial decision making

We believe in generating profit with purpose. This means making shrewd investment decisions that deliver a financial return combined with greater social value and well-being for our stakeholders.

We have over 12-years track record of successful development spanning the East Midlands and surrounding regions. Our continued success and our growing social ambitions are strengthened by:

- Long term planning
- Risk-adjusted returns
- Cashflow forecasting
- Savvy funding decisions

Our 2022 Sustainability Report

At Cora, we are determined to lead by example and find more ways to minimise our impact on the environment. It starts with being more transparent about the outcomes we deliver for our customers, our staff, our partners AND our planet.

Cora New Build Homes in Nottinghamshire, Buckinghamshire and Great Bowden