We are making changes to ensure sustainability is integral to how we do business - but why is measuring important to us?

There’s a lot of reporting involved in running our business and, while not every company chooses to make them public, at Cora we want to be more transparent and measure our impact. The reports on this page have involved many different members of our team at all levels of the business. This in itself helps us create a culture of cohesion and learning.

We also value the opportunity that reporting gives us, to take a step back and evaluate our progress, as a way to motivate each of us and to foster a sense of employee pride in our company achievements. It is also one of the ways we hold our company and ourselves as employees accountable.

Impact data collection has been driven by our vision, mission, social ambitions and determination to change. While our reporting is not a linear process and is never perfect, it is an important business activity that helps support all areas of our operations and we are committed to doing more of it.

Latest reports

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Cora & sustainability

Our purpose is to build excellent homes and climate-resilient communities that make a positive contribution to the health, happiness and well-being of our customers.

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