16th August 2023

A spotlight on… Partnerships Manager Louise Caves

Cora’s Partnerships Manager Louise Caves brought years of experience working in both the public and private sector when she joined the Cora team last year.

Beginning her career at a local authority, she later took on a position at a prominent housing association, working in the strategic land team to deliver the UK’s first eco-town.

Later moving to the private sector, Louise worked for a large housebuilder before joining the team at Cora in 2022.

She said: “Through the housing association, I was involved in delivering the 6,000-home North West Bicester Eco-Town Masterplan, which was a really exciting project to work on.

“I was fortunate to be part of an expert consultancy team– taking the scheme right from land promotion and planning to development and post-occupation monitoring of the first phase.

“I now work closely with housing associations and local authorities in my role as Partnerships Manager at Cora – as I have worked on both sides, I feel I have a rounded perspective and really understand their point of view.”

Louise said she has loved her time at Cora as she feels she can make a real positive impact on the company’s new business partnerships and in the communities it develops.

“I get to be much more part of the decision-making process at Cora – you feel like you really get to influence and shape things,” she said, “I meet with the investors of the company weekly and report directly to the managing director.

“The collaboration across departments is strong, my role involves working closely with each team and I always feel supported in delivering my role.

“As Cora look to deliver more partnerships housebuilding it’s hugely exciting to be integral to the business’s growth in this area.”

A mother-of-two young children, Louise said she also appreciates the flexibility the company takes towards working hours, especially for those with family commitments.

“Another thing I love about Cora is I have a young family and really appreciate the flexibility Cora gives me to have a prominent position and a career,” she said.

“The company are fantastic when it comes to families.

“I am able to deliver my role in four days, rather than five, it’s something that I truly value.”

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