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5th October 2022

Over 200 hectares of land will deliver in excess of 1,900 homes in Broadnook, Leicester

Cora, working in partnership with fellow regional house-builder, Davidsons, secured hybrid planning consent for a large urban extension of Leicester City.

The site, comprising over 200 hectares of land will deliver in excess of 1,900 homes, 15 hectares of employment land, a primary school, a local centre, a retirement village and care home, alongside considerable open space including a Country Park and sports pitches.

The site has evolved through close collaboration with Charnwood Borough Council and the wider project team, drawing across a variety of specialised disciplines with the goal of delivering an exemplary Garden Village and a legacy development for both house builders.

The site has three distinct areas; to the north, an extensive area of green space runs across the site and integrates green infrastructure and a range of sports and recreational facilities, as well as the Broadnook Country Park.

A central band, running East-West forms the second area of the site and includes several parcels of residential development, employment land and the local centre.

The local centre will benefit from amenities such as restaurants and cafés, a supermarket and retail units, office accommodation, a nursery and other community buildings.

The final area runs along the site’s southern boundary and is comprised of residential parcels and associated green and blue infrastructure.