12th July 2023

Leicestershire schoolchildren create new wildlife garden with help from Cora

Children at a school in Stoke Golding have created a new wildlife garden with help from the Cora team.

We supported Year 6 pupils at St Margaret’s CofE Primary School after they wrote to us concerned about the impact our new houses in the village might have on local wildlife.

Our Technical Director Andy Gilliver and Site Manager Vince Coetzee visited the school alongside representatives from our consultant partners Brindle & Green to explain our commitment to the environment and help plant the new garden.

Donations included a new apple tree, wildflower seeds, bird feed and both bird and butterfly boxes.

Deborah Yeomans, Senior Leader at the school, said: “The children absolutely loved it.

“The afternoon started off with a presentation on how we can look after our wildlife, followed by the chance to get outside and work on the new garden.

“This was the perfect end to Service Week – the week after SATs when the children go out to support our local community.

“It was lovely to end that week by looking after our school community and creating such an amazing space.”

One pupil said: “I loved working on our school grounds with Cora.

“I’m really proud that we have created an area that will attract bees, butterflies, birds and insects to our school field and give these creatures a safe habitat that will be there for years to come.”

Another added they “feel so happy seeing the bees and butterflies in their new homes” and that it has inspired them to do more to support the environment.

We have received national recognition for our commitment to the environment, with sustainable initiatives in place across all our sites.

We operate on a “profit with purpose” model, investing in new ways to cut carbon on our sites with the aim of becoming net zero by 2050 and creating more energy efficient homes for customers.

As a business we have also donated more than £11,000 towards nature preservation in the last year and planted more than 9,000 trees and shrubs.

Our nearby Stoche Acre development will see 65 new two-to-five-bedroom energy efficient homes built to the north of the town.

Andy Gilliver said: “All of us at Cora were inspired by the children’s letters and their passion for their local environment.

“That passion is something we all share, so it was great to visit the school and help create their new wildlife garden and see how engaged the pupils were.

“We look forward to hearing about all the new wildlife they discover.”

Neil Crofts, Managing Director at Brindle & Green, added: “We are proud to support Cora in helping deliver this kind of community engagement and it is wonderful to work to get children engaged in nature and wildlife conservation.

“A huge thanks to Kinzie Watts and Nadine Tunnicliffe for their work on this project.”

More information on our Stoche Acre development can be found here.