27th February 2023

Cora joins Home Builders Federation

We are delighted to announce Cora has become a member of the Home Builders Federation (HBF).

The HBF works to give home builders in England and Wales a united voice, helping spread the word on the big issues affecting the sector and to influence both local and national policy change.

One of HBF’s big focuses over the last few years has been SMEs and the role they play in tackling the UK’s current housing crisis – something we at Cora are fully behind.

It is also well known for its annual New Homes Week celebrations, recognising the benefits of buying new and highlighting the cost savings possible through energy efficient new homes.

Our passion at Cora is to build excellent homes and sustainable, biodiverse communities – and we want to see these values echoed on a national level.

Luke Simmons, Managing Director of Cora, said he was excited to work with the HBF.

“As an SME, we are stronger when we speak with one voice, so it is wonderful to be joining such a well-regarded and respected organisation that is now focussing on small and medium sized housebuilding opportunities,” he said.

“The HBF have a proven track record of representing the best interests of the home builders, and have, in the last few years, brought much-needed focus to the role of SMEs.

“Working alongside such an extensive array of housebuilders will add even more strings to our bow and see us kept up to date with all the latest industry developments, ensuring we create the highest quality homes for our customers.

“I’m very much looking forward to working collaboratively with them and to have our message of sustainability and quality heard by a greater audience – particularly those in legislative power.”

Aside from the HBF, Cora is also registered with the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) and the National House Building Council (NHBC) – providing our customers peace of mind that they’re buying homes built to the highest of standards.

Learn more about our commitment to creating amazing places and sustainable communities on our about us page.

The HBF’s New Homes Week celebration begins on February 27. For more information on this exciting initiative visit