Cora team on development site wearing high vis and hard hats
9th December 2022

Cora joins pledge to pay staff Real Living Wage

Cora is proud to announce we have become an accredited Living Wage Employer – pledging to pay all the team and supply chain above the National Living Wage.

The Living Wage Foundation (LWF) has independently calculated the UK’s Real Living Wage – based on costs like housing, bills and food – and has urged businesses to voluntarily pay their team and supply chain this higher rate.

The foundation calculates a full-time worker on its Real Living Wage rate would be £2,730 better off a year than someone earning the government’s National Living Wage.

Luke Simmons, Managing Director of Cora, said: “Our people mean everything to us, and it is only right they receive proper pay for a good day’s work to aid the work life balance we want to achieve for all.

“Although we pride ourselves on the high level of pay our employees currently receive, it is important to set in stone our promise to always pay above the government’s statutory figure, no matter what area of the business they work.

“The Living Wage Foundation’s calculation is constantly under review, so we pledge to match any increases in this rate in the future.”

The LWF’s Real Living Wage of at least £10.90 an hour, or £11.95 if working in London, is significantly higher than the Government’s National Living Wage of £9.50, and affects all employees over the age of 18, rather than 23.

The foundation takes the cost of living into account when calculating this new pay rate, including unexpected payments such as a surprise visit to the dentist.

“We understand this year has been a struggle for many, with inflation and higher energy prices putting an extra strain on people’s wallets,” said Luke.

“Our people make Cora what it is and deserve a wage that meets their rising living costs.

“Simply, it’s the right thing to do.”

At Cora, we are not only committed to paying our people above the National Living Wage, but also to their personal development, delivering expert training and clear pathways for progress and promotion.

We are keen to see more T-Level students join us for work experience, our sites include exciting positions for trade apprentices and we work hard to identify potential and develop our employees’ skills.