4th July 2023

Newbuild home owners save thousands a year on energy bills – report

New energy efficient housing could save homeowners thousands of pounds a year, recent research by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has found.

Latest Watt a Save Report figures have revealed newbuild homeowners can save an average of £135 a month on running costs under Ofgem’s new price cap.

The saving of the average energy bill is even greater when compared to older houses, making average monthly running costs an incredible £183 cheaper.

And energy efficiency isn’t only having a positive effect on your wallet – it is helping the planet too, with new homes using 55% less energy and 60% less carbon than their older counterparts.

Committed to energy efficiency

Caring for our environment is incredibly important to us at Cora – and our mission is to ensure our customers reap the benefits of our sustainable practices.

An incredible 78% of our homes built in 2021 were given an EPC B or C rating, representing approximately 40% more energy efficiency than existing housing stock in England.

This is a figure we aim to build on every year as we move away from fossil fuel heating systems in our homes in favour of more economical and efficient renewable alternatives.

A push for green mortgages

The HBF, of which we are a proud member, is calling on the government to introduce new incentives to help people get on the housing ladder while promoting the savings newbuilds bring.

The introduction of green mortgages that incentivise environmentally conscious housing would help the next generation realise their homeownership ambitions while combatting the ongoing climate crisis.

Those looking to find their dream home and realise the benefits energy efficient homes bring can look no further than Cora and our stunning developments built with the future in mind.

More information on the report’s findings can be found here.

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