The Cora team at St Margaret's Primary School in Stoke Golding
19th September 2023

Cora gives Leicestershire primary school’s outdoor areas a makeover

Staff from our Stoche Acre development have given a Leicestershire primary school’s outdoor play areas a makeover.

Members of the Cora team visited St Margaret’s Primary School, in Stoke Golding – building a new P.E shed, removing the school’s aging ‘pirate ship’ play equipment, repairing a bench in the school’s storytelling area and painting all the fences and metal railings.

Brandon, Leanne and Jack were joined by Jay and Leon from C3 Construction, who are helping with groundwork at our new Stoche Acre development in the village.

Stoche Acre is a mix of 65 three and four-bedroom, energy efficient homes.

Vince Coetzee, Senior Site Manager at Stoche Acre, said: “We had people from our commercial team down there helping with the work as well as staff from the site – it was a real team effort.

“Everyone was down there doing their bit. It all went really well and has been very well received.”

Cora staff painting a fence at the school

Our team were also at the school a month before, helping the pupils create a new biodiversity area following a talk and workshop at the school.

Vince said the makeover project fit in perfectly with our ethos of building thriving communities, as the local primary school is often a main attraction to a village.

“It is certainly something that draws people into looking at an area,” he said.

“There are also people who move in without children who consider the school as part of their forward planning.  It fits in with the homes we build – houses families can grow into.

“Stoke Golding is such a lovely village – we popped into the Roast and Radish for lunch which was a real treat.

“We hope the pupils love what we’ve done with the makeover – it will have been a nice surprise on their return to school.”

Adam Watson, Executive Principal at the Inspiring Primaries Academies Trust, said: “Thank you, Cora, for your unwavering support in transforming our school grounds.

“Your dedication and commitment to going above and beyond have created a more vibrant and inspiring environment for us all to enjoy.

“We are truly grateful for your generosity.”

To learn more about our Stoke Acre development, click here.