20th September 2023

Upcycling second hand furniture into bespoke items for a contemporary home

Cora is committed to creating amazing places with sustainability in mind – and that’s even reflected in the décor of its show homes.

This Second Hand September, we spoke to Di Franklin, from Blocc Interiors, the company that designed the show home at Cora’s new Stoche Acre development, in Stoke Golding, Leicestershire.

The incredible design incorporates several revamped second-hand furniture items that give the home a unique flair.

Di said upcycling interesting items unearthed in charity shops was not only good for the environment but gives a boost to the community too.

“The upcycled pieces give the home a lot of character – they are just fabulous,” she said.

“They are a win-win. The charity shops get some much-needed money they can put to good causes and it is better for the environment as you can give an old and loved piece of furniture a new lease of life.

“On top of that, it gives the home something completely unique and a real sense of individuality.

“We were encouraged by Cora to use upcycled items in the design, so my stylist went out and bought some beautiful accessories from local charity shops.

“In fact, we thought it would be fun for people going into the showhouse to see if they could spot the recycled items.”

Homes are now available to buy at Stoche Acre, Cora’s new development of three and four-bedroom contemporary homes nestled in the picturesque Leicestershire countryside.

Di said among the items they had discovered in nearby charity shops was a table they had repurposed as a bench for the first-floor landing.

“I walk around charity shops now and see all the potential for pieces in there that can be upcycled,” she said.

“We have created this wonderful bench which sits on the landing at the show home in Stoche Acre, that used to be a table.

“We improvised after finding it at a hospice charity shop.

“It was originally quite a normal, everyday brown table, but we have adapted it into a beautiful cream bench, painted with a chalk paint and decorated with cushions.

“It is a very unique piece we are sure any new homeowner will absolutely love.”

Aletta Fendick, Head of Sales at Cora, said: “Di and her team have done an amazing job implementing our sustainable standards by utilising upcycled furniture.

“At Cora, we are committed to building sustainable, biodiverse communities, so were eager for our show home to reflect our values.

“The upscaled furniture Di and her team have created are superb, eye-catching pieces that give the home a unique style, while benefitting the environment.”

For more information on Cora’s Stoche Acre development and how to visit the show home, see here.